Divine Mercy for Godly Leaders

Tomorrow is Super Tuesday. Voters from thirteen states and one territory will head to the polls to voice their choice of Republican and Democratic candidates for president of the american flagUnited States of America. As a resident of Nebraska, I will not be voting tomorrow, but will be riveted to my television set to learn where all the votes land. With 600 delegates up for grabs, tomorrow will either serve to further solidify the current path or prove to be a significant game changer.

Thus far there has been record-setting participation throughout this process. Americans realize there is a lot at stake in this election. I don’t think I’m overstating things when I say that many Americans believe our country stands on the brink of disaster. With regard to social, economic and national security issues, our nation’s very identity may be on the line.

What can we do? Of course, each of us has an obligation to vote with a well-formed conscience. But additionally, we must pray. I’ve learned that prayer for our country is a sacrifice that is both immediate and fruitful.

At spiritualdirection.com we are reading Father Michael Gaitley’s The Second Greatest Story Ever Told. I strongly recommend the book; thus far it has illustrated for me in a profound way the very personal interest Our Lord has in our lives and the power of Divine Mercy to change them. Not only our lives as individuals, but to change our nations.

Until now I have felt relatively helpless about the direction of this campaign cycle. Certainly I have prayed – but in a posture of isolation. No longer. The truth is that I am certainly not alone; doubtless there are thousands who desire God’s mercy on our country and who might be willing to unite together in a sacrifice of prayer for Divine Mercy with the intention of God’s hand in the selection of our nation’s leaders. With this, I have gained a new hope.

For with God, nothing will be impossible (Luke 1:37).

Just imagine how Our Lord will look down upon his children, pleading together for His purpose in this, the Year of Mercy. Perhaps together we can be to Our Lord as the widow who incessantly pleaded with the judge for vindication against her adversary (Luke 18:1-8). In the end, He took pity on her and acted on her behalf. This parable serves as an example to us, for Christ concluded by saying,

And will not God vindicate his elect, who cry to him day and night? Will he delay long over them? I tell you, he will vindicate them speedily. – Luke 18:7-8)

Would you be willing to sacrifice a few minutes every month until the November election to join us in a perpetual prayer of Divine Mercy for the united intention of Godly leaders for our country – particularly for the office of president and for the selection of a Supreme Court nominee that may or may not be appointed before the November election? If so, please click on the link below to commit to one day of the month when you will pray a Divine Mercy Chaplet for our united intentions. Then over the next eight months – until the election – please pray the chaplet each month on your chosen day. This type of sign-up does not allow for email reminders, so please put your date on the calendar with a monthly reminder.

Divine Mercy for a Divided Country

Please find a link to the Divine Mercy Chaplet here.

Eight months and eight days stand between us and the presidential election. The number eight has great biblical significance. There are eight beatitudes – our given path to Joy and Peace. Also, our Lord rose from the dead on the eighth day after his providential ride into Jerusalem. The number eight represents joy, peace and resurrection – three things of which our country is in great need.

None of us knows what November will bring. But no matter how the election bears out, we have confidence that our prayers will be fruitful. For we know

that in everything God works for good with those who love him, who are called according to His purpose. — Romans 8:28.

With that in mind, always…

Rejoice in your hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. – Romans 12:12

I hope that you will consider this small sacrifice for our country.

Mother Mary, Immaculate, Patron of The United States of America, Pray for Us.


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  1. This is a great cause.I will try to do the novena but neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump are Godly leaders. Or can we still say, “With God, all things are possible?”


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