What Can I Give Him – Poor as I Am?

by Paula Zwenger


Infant of Bethlehem, born as a King,
hear my Hosanna, so lowly to bring.
Naught finds me worthy of gifts you acclaim,
cradled in manger of Bethlehem’s fame.

Wise men on bended knee knew of Your worth,
hidden in essence of lowliest birth.
Keep from my simple heart lure beyond love.
Shield me from lies, under wings of the dove.

Spirit my rescue, as advocate now.
Many, unknowing, continue to plow
furrows so worldly of death and decay,
burying freedoms You’ve planted this day.


Child, He says lovingly, all that you need
find there inside you as grace given seed.
Here, your compassion – for mercy to start;
here I’ve placed talents to serve broken hearts.

Here your humility, born of the Son,
showing how meekly the battle is won.
No need for distance to seek for a star.
Offer Me everything, right where you are.

Hold nothing back as if measuring worth;
I am Redeemer who called you at birth.
Lo, in your forming, no love has been spared;
trust in My power and never be scared.


Lord, take my energies, fears and delights,
swaddled as gifts for this holiest night.
Find in me merit to offer as well;
may all my actions of You always tell –

here is an offering of my next breath,
whether spent joyful or feeling bereft.
Here is my poverty, here is my pain,
here every gift You have poured in Your reign.

Yes Lord, I understand, all is from You,
bounty for offering, mercies so true.
All from my poverty; riches to place
here at Your manger, proclaiming Your grace.


Years from this instant, salvation spread far,
still we’ll be guided by Christ-naming star.
Bright for posterity, wonder-marked sign –
lighted for healing of your heart and mine.



Paula Zwenger
is a wife, mother, and grandmother who, upon finding herself an empty nester, tried on the hat of rhyme loving writer. It fit very well. Her joy manifests completely while taking the ups and downs of life and wrangling them into poetry. She also has a passion for creating rhymed treasure hunts with a Catholic flare to celebrate the faith and learn a thing or two along the way. You can find her musings at RhymeLovingWriter.com.