New Friday Feature – Sacrifice in the News

Traditionally, Friday is reserved as a day to reflect on Christ and His Cross. It is a day to do penance by making sacrifices of our own in honor of the Greatest Sacrifice, from which all good comes, and which is a fountain of life and source of grace. As such, at Pelican’s Breast, we believe Friday posts are the perfect forum for celebrating contemporary stories of sacrifice, some big, some small, all of which which represent Christ and His perfect observance of the two greatest commandments – love of God and love of neighbor.

Feel free to email me a link to great stories you’d like to see featured here!  This week, we have three news stories to profile, as well as an inspirational first episode of a great new video series about everyday heroes, produced by the Knights of Columbus:


French Gendarme Gives his Life in Exchange for a Female Hostage

french police officer

Lt. Col. Arnaud Beltrame 


Brother Gets Haircut to Match Sister’s 10-inch Scar

brother hair cut

Ethan McMullan (19) and his sister, Alana (17)


Driver in a Burning Vehicle Rescued by Two Good Samaritans


Dash cam video shows Jose Martinez rescuing driver from being burned alive. 



Everyday Hero, Joe Reali –
Complements of Knights of Columbus

Everyday Hero, Joe Reali, in a feature story produced and shared by Knights of Columbus.