img_4640-editI am a Catholic wife and mother who is a devoted patriot and a selfish, self-obsessed sinner in desperate need of redemption.  For six years I have blogged on the wisdom of the ages as offered by our brothers and sisters in Christ who have shared their hearts and minds for our spiritual benefit.  My commentary has been featured and shared on National Catholic Register, Catholic Exchange and Big Pulpit, and I have contributed to study and leaders’ guides for The Augustine Institute, which “serves the formation of Catholics for the New Evangelization.” Additionally, I have been a guest on EWTN Live, EWTN Bookmark, The Busted Halo Show, The Son Rise Morning Show, EWTN Morning Glory and On Call with Wendy Wiese, among others. You can find our book club discussions at spiritualdirection.com. My first book is How to Read Your Way to Heaven – A Spiritual Reading Program for the Worst of Sinners, the Greatest of Saints, and Everyone in Between, published by Sophia Institute Press.



  1. Hello Vicki.
    I found your book on kindle over 2 years ago. Only now realising that it was at the time recently published. I am about to finish year 2. Wow. Cannot believe that I have got so far. I take time every so often, due to other books I want to read or needing time out, but I continue my scripture reading regardless, so I’ve covered a few bible books more than once.
    At times I had to alter which books I used, because the one suggested was not available. Although often when not available digitally, it was physically, so I am building a library. Loved most books, changed one by Hilaire Belloc on Reformation to The Roots of the Reformation by Karl Adams, and loved it.
    I read you love Peter Kreeft, I do too, cannot have enough of his wisdom, sense of humour and great teaching.
    Even when I think, oh I am not sure about this book, I usually end up such a fan. Currently, am really enjoying HW Crockers book Triumph: The power and Glory of the Catholic Church. He is powerful and never ever minces words.

    As I approach year 3, I have a problem. The first book, This Tremendous Lover by Eugene Boylan. The only copies i can find are in the hundreds of dollars a book and there is only 2. I really need an alternative. It has such high praises so I know why you chose it. And I am not sure how to find an equivalent. Can you help?

    I have the same problem with Covented Happiness by Cormac Burke. At least that is later in the year. With others as they were topics, not relationships, or novels, I was able to find my own substitute, esp if Peter Kreeft wrote on the topic. But with these two I am stumped. Can you assist with any suggestions for me.

    Your big fan
    Leonie Cornell


  2. Hi Vicki,
    I wasn’t sure how to contact you directly. I’ve started working on a podcast partly inspired by your book where I’ll be covering all sorts of great Catholic literature. I was calling it “Reading Your Way to Heaven”. I hope you don’t mind as I know this is close to the title of your book. For the record, I’m not copying or using your plans that are laid out in the last part of your book as I didn’t want to fringe on copyright. On a sidetone: I would love for you to be one of the first guests to talk about your book and the importance of lifelong reading.
    God Bless,


    • Unfortunately, Sarah and I both had to leave at the same time – end of 2017. I had lots of family obligations and was just not able to continue. As you can see, my posts are not as frequent here as I’d like them to be either:). Between family and a book I’m working on, my blogging has been slim. I thought they were starting another book club that Dan Burke was going to lead via video. Did you check that one out? I’ve considered doing one here, but time has been a significant issue. Maybe in time. I hope you’ll catch up with us here where possible. I try to put a post out at least every month right now – hoping to increase to every couple of weeks soon. We’ll see…
      God bless!!!


  3. Dear Vicky,

    After reading your interview with Brandon Vogt on your new book “How to read your way to heaven”, I knew exactly that this was the kind of tools I was desperately looking for a long time in France where I live.

    Starting your reading program on Pentecost 2017, I completed Year 1 last week: it changed everything…

    The bible is always at hand, the catechism has become my biggest ally in discussing and sharing with catholics and non-catholics, finally the books you recommended have helped me answering many questions I was struggling with as a catholic.

    Your program makes us fall deeper and deeper in love with the Catholic Church (my husband confirms that this is the best thing what can happen to us).

    Can’t wait starting with Year 2, be blessed for helping people like me getting to the next level!



    • Catherine,
      What a beautiful note! I am so thrilled to hear that you have are moving on to Year Two!! Our God is so good and the gift of His Mystical Body, The Church, is beyond words! You use the word “deeper” in your email – I could not think of a more perfect word to describe the effect these resources can have on our faith! They absolutely help us to delve more deeply into His truth, and ultimately to fall more deeply in love with Him. Thank you so much for your kind words. May everything you read draw you closer to Christ.
      God bless you!


    • Dear Vicky,

      Here again goes your biggest French fan of your wonderful book ‘How to Read Your Way to Heaven’:

      This week I’ve started Year 3, unbelievable !

      I am so excited to continue this journey with your help. You have become part of the family (so says my beloved husband), and it is unthinkable going somewhere without your book in our luggage. Just to make things clear for the audience, the real star of this reading adventure is of course Our Lord Jesus Christ and his dear Church. But Vicky, you have so much talent in pointing towards Him.

      Knowing the faith is no rocket science, just follow Vicky’s reading advice and timetable and you will hit target so easily! Your relationship to the Lord will go so much smoother as you will become more and more deep in knowing Him.

      Thank you so much Vicky for your increadible work,

      Seeing you next year,



      • Catherine, I am so grateful that this program has been a blessing for you!! Thank you so much for your kind words – I pray they will encourage others to continue with the program or to give it a try for the first time!!! We have such a wealth of wisdom available to us as Christians!! We only need slow down and prayerfully soak it in:)!!! I’m so glad that you have spent at least two years doing exactly that – God bless you!


        • Thanking you for your tremendous support, I would like to report that your book suggestion for Year 3 titled ‘A Tremendous Lover’ by F. Eugene Boylan is no longer available in Europe. Wondering if you have an alternative book recommendation for me. Thank you!


  4. Just wanted to let you know, I just found your blog and I am looking forward to participating in the book club. I am a recent Catholic convert, homeschooling mom and your article “When your family doesn’t measure up” brought tears to my eyes. You are so right and this will always be a struggle. Once a homeschooler always a homeschooler and I needed the verification today from your blog. THANK YOU.


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